HCV Program by AbbVie

A very nice program on HCV was sponsored by AbbVie and coordinated by Karen Georgiou at Juniper and Ivy downtown San Diego on December 10, 2014.

Dr. Christian Ramers from Family Health Centers of San Diego talked on: “Managing HCV in an Evolving Landscape”  discussing all aspects of the disease from the patient and the clinician perspectives. Clinical consequences of HCV progression were presented with assessment of liver disease, goal of achieving sustained viral response, and noting the importance of continued monitoring.

At the meeting, we met Amy Rosenbaum, NP and her coworker from Family Health Centers, and Kevin Mee, PharmD, pharmacist at Care Plus – Caremark, who has been to health fairs and Hepatitis B screening events organized by the Asian Pacific Health Foundation.


Binh Tran, PharmD
Executive Director

Asian Pacific Health Foundation

First Outreach at Ngoc Dang Temple on November 16, 2014


In San Diego, there are several Buddhist Temples that are run by nuns, and Ngoc Dang Temple is one located in Linda Vista area, on a hilltop.

At the first outreach by the Asian Pacific Health Foundation on a religious celebration before the end of the lunar year, there was a reasonable turnout. UCSD students, pharmacy students and volunteers provided screenings for Hepatitis B, hypertension and osteoporosis.  Most of the temple staff and many members were Dr. Ton Tran’s former patients, thus the medical discussions were lively, and catered to the specific conditions of the individuals.

16 persons were screened for Hepatitis B, 23 for bone densitometry, and 13 for blood pressure.

The nuns were very appreciative of the services rendered, and invited APHF to return during the Lunar New year celebrations in 2015.

Participants at the outreach:

From Ngoc Dang Temple:
Sisters Thuan, Hieu, Trinh Dinh and volunteers
From Skaggs School of Pharmacy: Esther Park, P3
From UCSD: Karla Jorgensen Ponce,
Andrew Tsun,
From UC Irvine: Mai Nguyen
From Loma Linda School of Pharmacy: Jenny Nguyen, P4
From SDSU: Gary Tang
From Asian Pacific Health Foundation: Dr. Ton Tran, Binh Tran, PharmD, Felician Han.
Phuong Anh (Phlebotomist).

Hepatitis B Screening Blood Pressure and Bone Health Screening Phat Da Temple

Please come to the

4333 30th Street, San Diego, CA 92104

Sunday, December 7, 2014, 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM 

 Poster presentations on

Hepatitis B and C diseases

UCSD Pharmacists and student Pharmacists

Hepatitis B is a severe viral disease frequently seen in the Asian populations.
One in 12 persons has hepatitis B. There are 2.2 million people affected in the US, mostly Asians. The disease usually has no symptoms.

Please get screened to prevent cirrhosis (liver scarring) and possible liver cancer

 Event organized by Asian Pacific Health Foundation, UCSD Skaggs School of Pharmacy Students, Physicians and Pharmacists in the community


Sponsored by  UCSD Hepatitis Free San Diego, Dr. Paul Huynh
National Task Force on Hepatitis B – Focus on Asian and Pacific Islander Americans
Contact Binh Tran at 619-517-3744; Kristiana Nguyen: 619-817-8543


Asian Pacific Health Foundation

4844 University Ave, Ste C, San Diego, CA 92105, Ph: 619-640-6404 btran.aphc@sbcglobal.net; www.aphfoundation.net

Tại Chùa Phật Đà 4333 Đường 30, San Diego, CA 92104 Các dịch vụ y tế đều Miễn Phí

Kính mời Quý vị và gia đình tham dự

Chương Trình Thử Nghiệm

Viêm Gan B

Đo Huyết Áp Độ Loãng Xương


Chủ nhật 7 tháng 12, năm 2014

từ 10:00 sáng đến 1:00 giờ chiều

Tại Chùa Phật Đà 4333 Đường 30, San Diego, CA 92104

Các dịch vụ y tế đều Miễn Phí

Vì sao cần thử nghiệm Viêm Gan B trong cộng đồng Á châu

Cơ quan Y tế Á Châu

Trình bày Posters về viêm gan B và C
Sinh viên Dược Khoa UCSD

Viêm Gan B là một bệnh trầm trọng thường gặp nơi người Á châu.

Một trong 12 người có viêm gan B. Tại Mỹ có 2.2 triệu người bị, đa số là Á châu.

Bệnh thường không có triệu chứng.

Quý vị hãy thử nghiệm để biết và ngừa bệnh xơ gan, hoặc ung thư gan.

              Tổ chức do: Cơ Quan Y Tế Á Châu, Đại Học Dược Khoa UCSD, Hội Y sĩ và Dược sĩ VN San Diego

               Cơ quan Bảo trợ: Hepatitis Free San Diego 

Mọi chi tiết, xin liên lạc: DS Bình Nhung: (619) 517-3744;

Cô Diệu Mỹ: (619) 283-7655; Kristiana Nguyễn: (619) 817-6543

Cơ Quan Y Tế Á Châu 4844 University Ave, Suite C, San Diego, CA 92105 kính mời

btran.aphc@sbcglobal.net; www/aphfoundation.net

2014 Asian Heritage Awards

Saturday, 11-22-14 the Asian Heritage Awards event opened with a brief theme of Viet Nam with Robin Williams shouting ”GOOD MORNING VIET NAM!” as an introduction to award Dr. CHARLES CUONG NGUYEN, and his success in America despite numerous setbacks as a Viet refugee.

The 11th annual Asian Heritage Awards this year also marks history of the two generations Asian Councilmen:

The first San Diego elected councilman, Tom Hom, known as Mr. San Diego, was elected 50 years ago after his 3rd try. Talking about being persistent! And the young, newly elected Chris Cate, both on stage with the two San Diego Supervisors; the Asian Heritage Award’s chair David W. Roberts and Ron Roberts.

“We honor these men, women and organizations who have dedicated their lives for the betterment of humanity and community.” – This is the essence of the Asian Heritage Awards. 

The annual Asian Heritage Awards is the largest celebration of Asian achievement in California and has been acknowledged by Congress, the State of California, the federal government, U.S. Navy, the city of San Diego’s Human Relations Commission, and the San Diego Press Club as a public service.

Proceeds from the event benefit the Asian Heritage Society, the BOOSTEM education program for middle school females of Asian and Hispanic descent to give them a heads up on meeting future global and technological change.

Since its inception in 2004, more than 5,300 leaders in government, business, industry and education have attended the Awards and ceremony.

Congratulations to all ten awardees for your dynamic achievements –

1. Dr. Flossie Wong-Staal, for public health
2. Dr. Veerabhadran Ramanathan, for science and technology.
3. Tina Guo for innovation
4. Dr. Palmer Taylor, for medicine.
5. Dr. Anand Srivastava, for business enterprise.
6. Dr. Deven Petal, for business enterprise.
7. Dr. Alexander Chuang, for global outreach.
8. Dr. Charles Cuong Nguyen, for opportunity in education.
9. Dr. Marissa Pei for entrepreneurship.
10. Toni G. Atkins, Speaker of the Assembly for Diversity Pioneer.
From Len and Rosalynn Carmen, founders of AHA with vision to bring higher evolved minds together to include Leilani RichterMarissa PeiDavid W. RobertsTom HomAnhlan NguyenBinh TranRosalynn CarmenJulio Deguzman, Ron Roberts and Chris Cate.


Making It in America – Day 3

When was the last time people spent 4 days together – on cruise, vacation to Hawaii,
We know we have asked so much on working day and school day to listen to make it in America. It is a lot to ask.
But because the message is so urgent and so important that people need to be aware and be part of this make it in America movement because our lives depend on us.
We did our best to bring top of the line speakers willing to come down form San Francisco ,Hollywood, up from Mexico and bring investors from 9,000 miles away to attend. But like the first time for anything, There is reluctance…anything for the first time needs room for improvement.
But as media and with new technology and with the driving force of make it in America in mind, we will take the information recorded and videotaped here to homes, schools and any associations who need to be aware of this message.
For the people who are with us from the beginning to the end, they all bombarded with new information that will change new direction of their business and their lives. (Rosalynn Carmen on Facebook 11-22-14)

— with Gwen CoronadoBinh Tran,Anthony VasquezAlice Dupont and Al Dupont.

Excellent talk on the migration of the HIV virus to many parts of the world. I was glad to renew contact with Dr. Flossie Wong-Staal after many years seeing her at the Asian Heritage Awards in 2007 when she was the keynote speaker on the topic of HIV.

Dr Robert Gish spoke on Hepatitis B and C in the US and the world, especially in Asia and the Philippines.

Binh Tran presented the results of screening events carried by the Asian Pacific Health Foundation in San Diego, to see if people at risk for getting hepatitis B are detected at an early stage to prevent harmful effects to the liver, cirrhosis (scarring of the liver) and possibly cancer.

Make It in America – Day 2

Dear all,

The Make It In America, second day is about advantages of doing business in and from “America’s Finest City” includes access to a moderate-wage maquiladora system and the best disposable income market in the world, cheap transportation costs and a creative, talented work force. So, why outsource? Distinguished group of panelists this morning will share some insights into why it makes sense not only to be here but to do what it takes to be here to capitalize on the California and San Diego brand. (by Rosalynn Carmen, President of the Asian Heritage Society, on FaceBook page).

In the afternoon, Dean Emeritus Palmer Taylor from the Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences spoke on the impact of the school on the growth of the pharmaco-medical and biotechnology fields in San Diego.
Please see the pictures taken with Dr. Taylor and the ensuing panel on the Importance of Innovation and what it takes for success in America with Dr. Tess Mauricio, Chris Phan, Tom Hom and Ray Wong.
Binh Tran

Make It in America Conference

 After many months of preparation, here it is:  the Make It in America Conference, at the Center for Performing Arts in Escondido, from November 19 to 22, 2014, a premiere event in San Diego County. Roz Carmen, President and Len Novarro, Vice-President of Asian Heritage Society along with San Diego County Supervisor Dave Roberts, all Sponsors and the Organizing Committee have worked without respite in the past months.

On the first day, San Diego County Supervisor Dave Roberts presented an overview of the next 4 days, and expressed his appreciation for all the opportunities available in the area, that just needed to be tapped on. This was further developed by the panel entitled: Mining Opportunity in San Diego. Barbara Bry, National Advisory Council on Innovation and Entrepreneurship and Geoff Cox, president of Alliant International University gave additional opening remarks.

The second panel discussed on Robots, Drones, Bio and Nano high-tech areas, by Dan McSwain, columnist from the Union-Tribune, Dr. Shaochen Chen from UCSD NanoEngineering Department, and another consultant on Unmanned air Systems.

Lunch at Chin’s Restaurant brought many delegates from overseas as well as Southern California together with local representatives of the business and bio medical fields.

Making it in America and Asian Heritage Awards Talk Show

On Friday Nov 7, Van Anh from VietNews TV interviewed Binh Tran from the Asian Pacific Health Foundation and Gwen Coronado, realtor, on the “Make it in America” and the Asian Heritage Awards program to occur from Nov 19 to 22, 2014.

The program “Make it in America”

  • Assists overseas companies and investors to explore the opportunities in California and tour San Diego-the America’s Finest City.

  • You will have a chance to meet US federal, state, city and county level high-ranking officials to understand more about US government system; and

  • Visit successful enterprises to learn more about US business environment; network with local Americans and other countries’ participants to seek collaboration.

Please attend:

  • The panel discussion on “Avoiding the Next Pandemic” with Dr. Flossie Wong-Staal, Dr. Robert Gish and Binh Tran, PharmD from their experiences working with HIV, Hepatitis B and C, on Friday November 21, 2o14 from 10:30 AM to 12:00PM,

  • The presentation on Feng Shui by Gwen Coronado on Saturday morning.

The presentations are free, but please register at the links below

Ten outstanding achievers will be honored at the Gala event on Saturday 22, 2014, among whom:

  • Dr. Palmer Taylor, Dean Emeritus and Professor at UCSD Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences is the honoree for Medicine,

  • Dr. Charles Cuong Nguyen, Dean of the Engineering School, Catholic University of America is the honoree for Opportunity.

Please click on one of the following links to secure your seats for the Gala.

or phone to Len Novarro at 619 521 8008

Address of the event:

California Center for the Arts in Escondido,

340 N. Escondido Blvd, Escondido, CA 92025

On the last day, Sunday, Nov 23, 2014, artist Tina Guo will perform with her group in an international concert. Tickets range from $25 to 45, available at the above links.

Thank you,

Binh N. Tran

Asian Pacific Health Foundation,

 btran.aphc@sbcglobal.net / www.aphfoundation.net

Announcement: Medicare Part D