Team HBV Webinar

On Sunday, September 21, 2014, from 5:00 PM to 5:45 PM (PST) Team HBV will provide a webinar to orient new students to the activities of Team HBV. Details are in the following flyer. Please see the letter from Andrew Huang here (link).



For Immediate Release
Date: September 8, 2014
Loc T. Le, MD, Chair of National Task Force on Hepatitis B: Focus on Asian and Pacific Islander Americans


The National Task Force of Hepatitis B: Focus on Asian and Pacific Islander Americans joins the American Liver Foundation in supporting the Immunization Action Coalition Hepatitis B Universal Birth Dose Initiative.

An estimated 800,000-1.2 million Americans are chronically infected with hepatitis B, a vaccine-preventable disease that affects the liver. The overwhelming majority do not know they are infected, leaving them at risk for advanced liver disease and liver cancer. Asian Americans are particularly affected by hepatitis B. While Asian Americans comprise 4% of the overall population in the United States, they make up over half the number of Americans who have chronic hepatitis B, resulting in one of the greatest racial health disparities in the country.

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Integrating Education for a Lasting Culture of Peace and Care of Planet Earth.

The World Council for Curriculum and Instruction holds a Conference every 2 years at a different location over the world. This year, the event was at Town and Country Resort and Convention Center in San Diego on August 17-24, 2014, cosponsored by Alliant International University and United Nations Association of the United States of America – San Diego Chapter.

“WCCI is a transnational educational organization committed to advancing the achievement of a just and peaceful world community. It is a Non-governmental Organization of the United Nations, and promotes person-to-person contacts and professional relationships.

WCCI encourages and facilitates collaboration in curriculum and instruction projects, dialogue in global educational and social issues, exchange of ideas, concerns and solutions to problems, and learning from one another cross-culturally and transnationally.“

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A Successful Lions Club-APHF Health Fair on August 23, 2014

The San Diego Lions Club organized a successful Health Fair with the collaboration of the Asian Pacific Health Foundation and other groups at Wesley First United Methodist Church on August 23, 2014 from 9 AM to 2 PM.

This was the first time the APHF joined the SD Lions Club on the invitation of Mr. Sac Nguyen, longtime co-worker with Binh Tran in the diagnostics research field in San Diego. In recent years, Mrs. Rose Tran was the former president, then Duke Tran continued the work, handling the Social Security Insurance aspects when attendees need help in this area.

The following services were offered free at the Health Fair:

- Visual acuity and Glaucoma screening

  • Free reading glasses

  • Diabetes and blood pressure checking

  • Hearing screening

  • Back pain assessment

  • Massage therapy

  • Cervical Cancer awareness

  • Hepatitis B screening

  • Bone densitometry

  • Medical counseling

  • Questions and answers on Social Security Administration and SSI.

A great number of attendees enrolled in the different services.
40 persons were screened for Hepatitis B and more than 60 had their bone health checked in the early detection for osteoporosis conducted by student pharmacists from UCSD.

Present at the Health Fair:

From San Diego Vietnamese American Lions Club (SDVLC)
Rose Tran, Sac Nguyen, Duke Tran, Jayde Nguyen, Hong Loan Tran, members and volunteers,
Other Lions Club in Greater San Diego

From Asian Pacific Health Foundation:
Dr. Robert and Mrs. Gish, Dr. Ton Tran, Dr. Hai Tran, Binh Tran,
Kristiana Nguyen, Randy Jimenez, Gary Tang, Caly Tran, Karla Petersen Ponce, Felicia Han, Mai Nguyen, Syrone Powell

From Skaggs School of Pharmacy:
Esther Park, Mandana Moshtael, Tuyet Phan

From UCSD at large:
Audiology Group
Shiley Clinic: Tim Mendez and group

Clinics and Schools in San Diego:
Mai Bui, DC and Chau Tran, DC
Tra My Beauty School

We thank the organizers at SDVLC and look forward to similar events in the future to benefit the diverse communities in San Diego.

C:\Binh-Pictures\Camera Uploads\2014-08-23\DSCN9081.JPG

Binh Tran, PharmD


A reminiscent Outreach Event on August 10, 2014

At the outreach at Holy Family Church on August 10, 2014, we enjoyed the visit of former friends and organizations with whom the APHF has collaborated in the past several years.

1.“Every Woman counts” program was displayed at a distinct table. Joanne Thomasen, the new Women’s Health Educator for the California Health Collaborative’s Every Woman Counts program, currently works in both San Diego County and Imperial County to provide health education and connect women to free or low cost resources.  Hung Tran from the Union of Pan Asian Communities was also present to lend support.

2. Anh Pham, former APHF volunteer, spoke of her experience working with her brother Nhat Pham to coordinate health fairs at churches and community centers in San Diego.  Anh is now a 4th year student at the UC San Francisco School of Pharmacy. She introduced Jerry Nguyen, a high school senior, and cousin of Nhan Pham, another volunteer of APHF.
Jerry will join APHF activities from now on.

3. Dr. Robert Gish visited the premises, and spoke with the organizers at all stations,
Present were:

  • At Registration and consenting table: Mai Nguyen, Anh Pham, Jerry Nguyen
  • At Hepatitis B station: Karen Yu, Gary Tang
    Phlebotomy: Anh Phuong. 18 persons were screened.
  • Hypertension: Jenny Nguyen
  • Bone densitometry: Esther Park, Mandana Moshtael, Karla Jergensen Ponce
  • Every Woman Counts: Joanne Thomasen, Hung Nguyen
  • Counseling station: Ton Tran, MD.
  • Floor manager: Kristiana Nguyen, assisted by Randy Jimenez.

Mr. Giai Do, Leader of the Vietnamese Community at the Church, came to express appreciation for the free health services for the community. If we would like to come back next year, it is best to reserve the date now.

Binh Tran


An Interesting Outreach on 8/3/14

This was the first time we came to Bodhi Hill Center (Vien Quang Temple) in San Marcos on this important Event of the Buddhist community. The Festival of Remembrances is the time for repentance, and by paying homage to the erring souls, hope to redeem the parents and all in the families who have passed away.

Most people vow to eat only a vegetarian diet during the 7th month of the lunar calendar.

The temple has regular week-end Vietnamese language classes taught by pharmacist friends and their families, so this is an occasion to meet the new friends to the Asian Pacific Health Foundation.


The celebration was very beautiful, with a stunning program by the young students reciting poems in a procession to the audience of Monks, Retreaters and guests at the Festival.


The team of volunteers came in great number from San Diego, early on that day, working at:

- the Hepatitis B station: Karen Yu, Gary Tang, Mai Nguyen, Felicia Han, Caly Tran, screening 23 persons, with Phuong Anh as phlebotomist.

- the Bone densitometry station: Esther Park, Mandana Moshtael, Karla Petersen Ponce, Ethan Truong and Ngoc Nguyen.

Drs. Ton Tran, Hai Tran, Kim Dang, and Briant Nguyen cardiologist friend came to support the group.

Binh Tran, PharmD


Impressions at Outreach event on July 26, 2014

From Mr. Vo Phuong, President of the Vietnamese Elderly Catholic Association of San Diego:

Kính Chị Bình Trân,

Thay mặt Hội,Tôi xin được phép qua Chị, chuyển lời cám ơn trân trọng đến các thành viên đã giúp cho buổi sinh hoạt ngày 26 tháng 7 /2014 có nhiều ý nghĩa ,.ước mong năm 2015 Hội sẽ tiếp tục và được sự hỗ trợ cũa Chị và trung tâm y tế thân thương chúng ta ,.Trân trọng
Võ Phương

Dear Dr. Binh Tran,

On behalf of the Vietnamese Elderly Catholic Association, I would like to relay our deep thanks to the participants who have made the health fair on July 26, 2014 a meaningful event. We hope that we can continue the collaboration between the Asian Pacific Health Foundation and our organization in 2015 with your support.


Vo Phuong


Outreach at Vietnamese Alliance Church of North San Diego July 20, 2014

The Asian Pacific Health Foundation held the first outreach at the Vietnamese Alliance Church of North San Diego on Sunday July 20, 2014 right after the service on that day.

Pastor Sang Nguyen and many members of the church and their families attended the event.

Early in the day, Mr. Binh Nguyen and Michael Nguyen from the church assisted with hanging the banner in front of the building.

Drs. Ton Tran, Tung Lai, Lien Lai and Robert Gish came, and spoke with patients at the consultation table. Pharmacists Kayla Giang and Binh Tran supervised the bone densitometry and hepatitis B screening operations.

Staff and volunteers were:

Phuong Anh, densitometry technician with student pharmacists Esther Park and Mandana Moshtael;
Huong Nguyen, phlebotomist, with spouse Syrone Campbell to help with centrifugation of samples;
Karen Yu and Gary Tang secured subjects’ consents;
Caly Tran helped with translation. Karla Ponce came towards the end.

Some patients asked when we will come again?  We are rotating locations, thus next week will be at the Vietnamese Catholic Center on 3114  40th Street, San Diego, CA 92105 from 10:30 AM to 2 PM on July 26, 2914,


VNTV Thông Báo Cộng Đồng: Thử Nghiệm Viêm Gan B


Highlight on Asian Pacific Health Foundation

The Beginning 

In 2001, Asian Pacific Health Center (APHC) was the first non-profit community clinic founded by Vietnamese health professionals who saw the need of low-cost health services for the East San Diego community.  Besides clinic activities, health screenings were provided free at health fair locations. APHC obtained a 2 ½ year grant from The California Endowment to work on the Hepatitis B Prevention Project for Asian and Pacific Islander adolescents and young adults in San Diego. Later collaboration with the Jade Ribbon Campaign from the Asian Liver Center at Stanford University expanded the project in the Chinese community, increasing the number of persons screened to 1600 (7% positive rate). Thereafter, the work was continued with San Diego Herald Center, Tzu-Chi Foundation, and the Vietnamese Federation of San Diego at churches, temples and community centers.

Transition and Growth 
In 2008, the center became the Asian Pacific Health Foundation (APHF), with focus on educational awareness and Hepatitis B screening at health fairs and outreaches in San Diego County. In 2010, collaboration with Dr. Robert Gish brought a major shift in APHF’s activities. The survey on Barriers to hepatitis B screening and knowledge in Asian Populations in San Diego administered at each event sheds light on factors underlying a person’s willingness to be screened. Tasks were performed by student pharmacists who continued their works as graduation projects. In 2012, APHF received a sub-award from UCSD, as part of the larger grant from the CDC to provide Early Identification and Linkage to care of persons with Chronic Hepatitis B Virus infection.  1,195 persons were screened, with a 4% positive rate (May 9, 2014 MMWR Report). The results were presented by Dr. John Ward at the HepB United Summit in Washington, DC, May 21-23.

An Even Brighter Future Starting Now

Re-energized activity with the National Task Force on Hepatitis B-Focus on Asian and Pacific Islander Americans, and membership with the Hep B United Coalition opened up more opportunities for APHF. Cost effectiveness of Point-of-care vs. Standard-of-care tests was presented at national and international meetings. APHF is further awarded a mini-grant from Hep B Foundation to expand Hep B screening to other Asian groups in San Diego County.



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